/"Harness the Healing Energy of Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan: Transform Your Life and Honor Your Roots"
WEBNARS "Harness the Healing Energy of Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan: Transform Your Life and Honor Your Roots"

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"Harness the Healing Energy of Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan: Transform Your Life and Honor Your Roots"

03 Mar 2024, 5:30 AM

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In this webinar, you will know about all kinds of Pitras, the divine processes of their highest satisfaction and liberation.

You'll know that Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan (SDSPT) is very different from ordinary traditional Pitra Tarpan.   

The Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan is a unique, blessed, powerful, effective and scripture based Pitra Tarpan Process.

You'll know how every practitioner can receive the highest and the greatest blessings from his all kind of ancestors. 

You'll know how a sincere practitioner can receive ancestral blessings in both material and spiritual worlds simultaneously.  


You'll know the significance and benefits of performing ancestral rituals, providing a deeper understanding of the spiritual connection between the living and the departed souls.

You'll learn the importance of specific mantras and prayers during the Tarpan. 

You'll gain insights into the concept of ancestral lineage, the role of ancestors in spiritual growth, and the significance of establishing a harmonious relationship with the departed souls.

You'll know about the practical tips and suggestions to create a sacred space and cultivate a deep connection with their ancestors.

By the end of the webinar you will be invited becoming a Lifetime Member for Amavasya Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan Community.

What you will learn

Tarpan Sankalp

Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan starts with the scriptural resolution. Every practitioner performs SDSPT for all round progress in his / her life and family.

Tarpan Process

Every practitioner offers water with rice, barely, and sesame seed to all Dev, Rishi, Divya Manav, Divya Pitra, Yama, and Human Ancestors and relatives mentally as illustrated in Vedic Scriptures.


While participating in SDSPT sessions, I observed emptiness present within and found that Pitra Dev got satisfied by offering all my punyas to them. Babaji (Sadguru Shree Satyanand) taught and proved that we are advait (non dual) in these sessions. I got blessings of my ancestors and it resulted in getting long awaited promotion. Much gratitude to my ancestors and Babaji ~ Madhuri Divekar, Pune (Maharashtra)

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Madhuri Divekar

SDSPT Practitioner

More about the hosts

Narendra Satyanand blesses and teaches all SDSPT practitioners to offer their reverence, love, gratitude and compassion to all ancestors of all lives.

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Narendra Satyanand


Satyajit A. Nimbalkar is an authorized SDSPT (Satyanand Divya Sarva Pitra Tarpan) Process deliverer appointed by Sadguru Shree Narendra Satyanand.

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Satyajit Ashok Rao Nimbalkar

SDSPT Deliverer


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